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Starfield gets low-spec PC mod for those gaming on potatoes


If you've not got the best PC around but still really want to play Starfield, there's a mod that might be able to help with that.

Unfortunately for those with older PCs, Starfield might be a little bit difficult to run. An SSD is required to run it, though the rest of the specs aren't the worst in the world. But you might be someone that doesn't want to miss out on the fun, even with a PC that isn't as up to date. Thanks to modder BulwarkHD, that might just be possible. "Does your PC have 1gb of Vram? Is it so old your grandpa used it to play Morrowind?" reads the description for the Starfield Potato Mode mod. "Or do you hate high resolution textures and want to get rid of them? Try this mod out and see if it works for you!"

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Now, obviously using this mod does mean that you won't be playing the best looking version of Starfield around. All of the textures will look like you're squinting at a piece of paper with a picture printed on it from a printer that has a really low dots per inch count, but graphics aren't everything, right? At least this way you'll be able to fly around space, even if it does make it a bit ugly.

Oddly enough, this isn't the first time I've written about Starfield in relation to potatoes today. Someone else seemed to think it would be a good idea to fill their cockpit with around 20,000 potatoes, which certainly is a choice that you can make.

We've also got a handy little guide set up for the best Starfield mods, for those of you that are somehow already bored of the base game. Personally, my favourite mods are the ones involving Todd Howard, but that's just me.

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