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The 15 best Starfield mods

Looking to improve your experience of the Settled Systems? Try out some of these Starfield mods.

Image credit: Starfield | Bethesda Softworks

Starfield wouldn’t be a Bethesda game if there weren't dozens of mods available for it upon release, and sure enough, the modders haven’t let us down. There’s already mods available for Starfield’s FOV, or for DLSS support, but more and more mods are appearing everyday. As ever, though, be careful where you’re downloading your files from.

Whether you want to improve your games performance, simplify the UI, or get even more creative than that, we’ve detailed some of the best Starfield mods from Nexus Mods for you to consider.

The best Starfield mods

Starfield Script Extender

If you’ve played any Skyrim at all, you’ll know that the Script Extender mod - in the simplest of terms - give modders further capabilities when it comes to creating mods.

Sooner or later, there’ll be plenty of game-changing mods for Starfield that will require you to have this installed prior. So, if you plan on modding your Starfield into oblivion (no pun intended), we recommend getting the Starfield Script Extender installed in advance.

It’s also worth noting that the Starfield Script Extender only works with Steam versions of Starfield. If you’re playing via Epic Games Store or Xbox Game Pass, you’ll not be able to install this tool or any of the mods that require it unfortunately. They just won’t work.

In-Game FOV Changer

Starfield, for some reason, doesn’t actually allow you to change your field-of-view in-game. This is an issue for some of us who suffer from motion sickness, especially when it comes to a sci-fi RPG. This In-Game FOV Changer mod will let you change your field-of-view settings in-game using console commands.

Starfield Upscaler

Another thing that Starfield didn’t launch with was DLSS support. This Starfield Upscaler mod actually allows players to replace FSR2 with DLSS/XeSS in Starfield (but not DLSS3!). For those who want to maximise on the quality of their game, you’ll want to install this mod.

DualSense - PS5 Icons

Yes, Starfield is exclusive to Xbox when it comes to consoles, but not everyone playing on PC will be using keyboard and mouse, or even an Xbox gamepad. As such, one modder has created the DualSense - PS5 Icons mod for those who are playing using Sony’s DualSense gamepad.

This mod changes any Xbox gamepad icons for PlayStation icons, so that those using a DualSense controller have a much better idea of what buttons they ought to be pressing.

Easy Speech

It’s not quite Baldur’s Gate 3, but Starfield does require you to often pass dialogue checks and persuade people to side with you. The Easy Speech mod makes it so that you never fail a speech check ever again, and your conversations go exactly as planned each and every time.

Better HUD

The Better HUD mod does exactly what it says on the tin for Starfield. It will make location text and XP indicators smaller while appearing on the bottom of your screen, and it also gives you the option to hide XP indicators, enemy health bars, and hit markers completely if you so desire.

If you like your HUD to be relatively clutter free while playing Starfield, the Better HUD mod is a must-install.

Achievement Enabler

If you play Starfield with mods, or even by mucking about with console commands, Bethesda will remind you that you won’t unlock achievements while playing this way. However, modders have already done one better by creating a mod that will simply enable the ability to unlock achievements again.

The Achievement Enabler mod will need you to move around a few files, and you’ll want to keep an eye out for any new patches to it, as updates to Starfield can stop the mod from working as intended. Keep this in mind!

Enhanced Player Healthbar

The health bar for your player character in Starfield isn’t bad, by any means, but it is quite easy to let it go unchecked amidst a gunfight with some pirates. Before you know it, you’ve next to no health and have only realised once it's too late.

The Enhanced Player Healthbar mod makes the player health bar change colour once you reach 75%, 50%, and 25% health. This small mod is actually a lot more useful than you’d think, as that pop of colour in the corner is the reminder most of us need to seek cover and heal up.


One thing that we’ve noticed about Starfield so far is that it isn’t difficult (when playing at Normal difficulty!). There are some tricky moments, but if you want to fly to a Level 30 planet at Level 5, you can do it without much of a problem.

If you prefer your Bethesda experiences to be a real challenge, the Intensefield mod does just that. You will deal more damage, but you will also take more damage, and if you’re more proficient with a certain weapon-type, you’ll deal more damage with that weapon. Also, the recommended difficulty to have alongside this mod is Very Hard, and seeking cover becomes a lot more important with this installed.


The Cleanfield mod is the mod for those who want to skip Starfield’s intro video and instantly load into the menu. On top of that, it also gets rid of all those pop-ups on the menu screen including the ‘Message of the Day’ and so forth. A minor mod for those who don’t want to wait 30 seconds to reach Starfield’s main menu, and don’t want to be met with messages from Bethesda when there.

Starfield Performance Optimisation

The Starfield Performance Optimisation does as it says; it optimises the performance of Starfield on your PC and gets things running more smoothly than they are. There’s also a Potato Mode, if you fancy playing like that for whatever reason!

Dark Mode For Terminals

The Dark Mode For Terminals mod is exactly as it sounds. Those glaring white terminals that you'll often be interacting with in Starfield will now be darker, so you aren't flashbanged by computers over and over again.

Easy Digipick

The Easy Digipick mod will make lockpicking in Starfield significantly easier, so you needn't break your immersion by fumbling over locks. You'll still need perks to digipick locks, but you can use console commands to add these if needed.

StarUI Inventory

Starfield's inventory isn't the most intuitive out there, and trying to find certain items or specific stats for them can be a bit of a pain. The StarUI Inventory mod improves all inventory screens on PC, provides a more compact display style, and displays every bit of information you might need.

Neutral LUTS

The Neutral LUTS - No Color Filters mod replaces all of Starfield's color LUTs with the base games own neutral color LUT. This removes that strange, green tinge that is present throughout the game, and makes Starfield look a little more crisp and clear.

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