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Starfield mods block achievements, but there's a mod to fix that

There's always a mod for that.

If you're someone that likes to use mods in your playthroughs, but don't want to miss out on any Starfield Steam achievements, there's a mod that can help with that.

Starfield technically only just came out today, but the game already has hundreds of mods thanks to its early access release. Some of them just introduce some nice quality of life features that don't change too much from the core gameplay (and others are not exactly SFW). The downside to use mods, though, is that once a save is marked as modded, you can't get Steam achievements anymore. But ironically enough, someone has already made a mod that gets around that.

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The mod in question was made by brunph, and is quite simply called the Achievement Enabler mod. Not only does it work for mods, it also works if you use console commands, which also marks your save file as being modded. The mod really doesn't do anything but allow you to rack up achievements even if you have mods on, but considering the fact that Starfield is missing a lot of accessibility features, this mod will likely be welcome to those who use mods that add said features in.

Even with the game releasing in early access, it still hasn't been available very even a week yet, but modders have quickly put the work in to making everyone's lives easier. There's already a mod that should help you run Starfield on Steam Deck, and a potato mode mod that lightens the load on lower-spec PCs. Plus, there's even a mod that lets you explore planets with a lot more freedom than the base game allows.

But if you want the cream of the crop, then you should check out our handy guide on the Best Starfield mods the scene currently has to offer.

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