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Sonic Frontiers is Sega's best selling 3D Sonic game

Sonic Heroes loses its crown.

Sonic Frontiers has apparently sold around 3.5 million copies, which now makes it the best selling 3D Sonic title since the series moved to the third dimension.

It was obvious that the move to the pseudo-open world for Sonic was an ever-so-slightly risky one for Sega, more-so in that the developer hadn't done so for the series before, so it might not have paid off. Currently, though, it sounds like it might have done, as according to Sonic fansite Tails' Channel, Sonic Frontiers has hit around 3.5 million copies sold (thanks, TheGamer). This comes from a recent press conference held between Sega and Rovio in Helsinki, Finland, where SEGASammy transmedia president Shuji Utsumi shared the figure.

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That isn't a knock your socks off figure compared to other big name games these days, but it does mean that Sega has finally managed to develop a 3D Sonic game that has sold more than Sonic Heroes (which bare in mind, came out in 2003). It marks a big change for the blue hog, who typically has quite a devoted fandom, but never really manages to sell all that much compared to his contemporaries or rivals like that one moustachioed plumber.

Of course, we're not even a year out from when Sonic Frontiers released, and we still have some more content to come, so sales figures could increase even further. Shortly after release, Sega announced that Sonic Frontiers would be getting three free content updates across 2023, promising a range of additions. The first update arrived in March, bringing with it a photo mode, the ability to play your favourite tracks, and new challenges.

Dates haven't been set for the other two updates as of yet, but the second update promises to add in Sonic's birthday, whatever that means, alongside more challenges and new Koco. And the third and final update will add more playable characters, as well as some new story.

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