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Sonic Frontiers first free DLC adds in a photo mode and more this week

Plus a juke box mode and new challenges.

Sonic Frontiers is getting its first bit of DLC later this week, bringing the Sights, Sounds, and Speed of the Stafall Islands update to the game for free.

Shortly after the game was released, SEGA announced that Sonic Frontiers would be receiving three rounds of DLC some time in 2023, all of which would be released for free. In an email sent to players, SEGA has now confirmed that the first free update, Sights, Sounds, and Speed will be out later this week, March 23 (thanks VGC). No specific details were provided in the email, though the name matches the first update shown off in the roadmap.

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This first update will include a jukebox mode, likely one that just lets you listen to any of the music in the game, a photo mode, which is pretty self explanatory, and new challenge modes, which based on the image shown in the roadmap will be more challenges for each of the levels you can play in the game.

The update is only a few days away so we're not exactly far off from specific details. In terms of the other updates, we don't know when they'll drop yet, but we do have an idea of what to expect. Update two will add in Sonic's birthday which, other than literally celebrating his birthday, could literally mean anything. It'll also add in an open zone challenge, which will presumably add additional challenges across the various maps. And a new Koco is being added, though what this means isn't clear.

For the third update, you'll be able to play as Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, each of whom featured prominently in the base game, and there'll be some new story, but again details are slim there.

How else things might change for the game are unclear, as its director Morio Kishimoto noted last year that it "still [has] a long way to go," so maybe we can expect some tweaks here and there for some of the more jankier elements.

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