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Sonic console games will continue, says Iizuka

Sonic Team leader Takashi Iizuka has said there are no plans to stop making Sonic games.


Sonic hasn't retired from the ranks just yet.

"Please rest assured, I personally have no plans to stop making Sonic games for home consoles," Iizuka told 4Gamer [Japanese].

The comment arose after the site asked if Sonic would become a mobile-only franchise - a pretty natural question given that Sega has said it's stripping back traditional development to focus on mobile.

It's possible the publisher has decided to focus on its successful in-house properties, like Yakuza and Total War, and stop publishing third-party developed games like Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Sonic Boom, you'll note, was not especially successful - but also not developed in-house by Sonic Team, and partially funded by a Nintendo exclusivity agreement. Sonic Team is believed to have its own Sonic game in the works, outside the transmedia Sonic Boom empire.

Thanks, TSSZNews.

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