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Sea of Thieves season six promo video showcases sea forts and new voyages

The short video gives us a charismatic overlook on some of the update's biggest additions coming later this month

We’ve just gotten a sneak peak at season six of Sea of Thieves via a video released ahead of the update’s release on March 10. The video, which is embedded below for your viewing pleasure, is a four minute overview of all we can expect with the latest major update for the action adventure game as it sails into view.

The first aspect of the new season we see, as the clear star of the season six update, are sea forts. These are six unique small fortresses located in set locations on the ocean that players can sail to and take over.

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They'll either be facing off against ghostly occupants guarding the forts treasures, or other players who have set up camp in these highly defendable locals. Intended as a short PvE encounter for those looking for a quick burst of action, forts offer treasure and a temporary home base for those able to take them over.

We also get a sneak peak at the new pirate legend voyage, set to come in the second half of season six. This is a replayable mission players can undertake that’ll reveal secrets about the ancient people who inhabited the world of Sea of Thieves in ages past. As such, those interested in uncovering more about the game will want to keep an eye out for that.

Finally, there are a vast range of new ship parts, weapons, and cosmetics coming too. Those who simply go out and play the new content, or fancy spending a bit of IRL treasure, will be able to earn themselves some fancy new drip. The shiniest of which is the new Isle Hopper Outlaw set, which brings a purple punky aesthetic to the open seas.

For a view of the bigger picture when it comes to Sea of Thieves, check out our coverage on the 2022 roadmap for the game here. In addition, you should absolutely check our recent feature on Sea of Thieves' identity crisis four years into its life.

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