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Sea of Thieves 2022 roadmap goes big on adventures

New adventures, sea forts, and new content for pirate legends are just over the horizon for bilge rats and buccaneers this year.

Eyes starboard, buccaneers. There’s been a massive preview event for Sea of Thieves recently, which has gone to great lengths in detailing the future for the seafaring RPG. Going through all planned changes coming in 2022, this event is a must sea for both seasoned sailors and land lubbers looking to hop aboard alike.

This comes with the announcement of a few impressive milestones for Sea of Thieves, including the game passing the 25 million total players mark and Rare selling over 5 million copies on Steam!

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The first major update comes in the form of adventures and mysteries. These are both narrative-driven events that allow players to follow a storyline while they travel the seas. Adventures are limited stories that run on a monthly schedule, for around two to three weeks at a time. According to the preview event, these will connect together as steps in an overall narrative that will expand and develop over time.

Then there are mysteries! These will act as a kind of additional piece of content alongside adventures that rely on the community for progress. Fans of Sea of Thieves will have to pull their minds together in order to solve puzzles inside and outside of the game to move ahead. We don’t know what exactly this will involve, but we do know the first mystery will centre around a muder, so maybe it’s time to swap out your pirate hat for a detective cap.

We’ve also found out some dates to go alongside these updates. The aforementioned Adventures will be added to the game February 17 with ‘Shrouded Islands’. On top of that , Season Six is dropping in March, so mark your calendars and prepare for those accordingly.

Speaking of Season Six, sea forts are the star addition this time around. These are exploration and combat focused pieces of content that will have you sail through the ghostly foes circling these structures, before collecting keys and exploring the innards. We know there will be six in total added to the game, and that the forts are connected to the first set of adventures that will be added to the game, but other than that details are scarce.

Onto some sad news, the Arena mode is unfortunately getting scraped. This is due to happen in the next few months, due in part to the increasing cost of maintaining QA testing on both adventure and arena modes. While the team had high hopes for the mode, the preview blog post referred to it as “a bespoke competitive mode with few dedicated players“.

Ending on some good news, 2022 is set to have some new content for Pirate Legends. This will apparently take the form of a legend-exclusive voyage with its own story beats and challenges. There aren’t many additional details on this, so it looks as though for the full scope of what’s coming in the future, we’ll have to keep an eye out for more in coming posts and updates from the team.

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