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Save $50 on these Xbox Series S consoles

Plus get a free headset when ordering via the Microsoft Store.

In a week today, Black Friday will have fully arrived, but what is just one day by name actually becomes more like 1-2 weeks in practice – sales have already begun, and this one’s a great option for those of you looking to begin your journey into the next-generation.

For this offer, we’ve found a variety of standalone Xbox Series S consoles available at retailers such as Best Buy and the Microsoft Store, offering the console with a $50 discount, bringing it down to just $249!

If you go with the Xbox Store for your purchase, during the order confirmation process, you'll also be able to add an Xbox Stereo Headset to your order for free – usually priced at $59.99, but entirely free when purchasing a Series S via Microsoft's website!

So what do you need to know about the Series S?

One of the Xbox Series S’ main selling points is that it’s a cheaper version of the more powerful and accompanying Xbox Series X, whilst still having access to the same games – it’s an entry-level next-gen console if you will.

Not only does it have access to the same games, it’s also a much slimmer and lighter design too, compact and able to be tucked away and to the side easily wherever it’s to live inside your household.

One other aspect to note about the Series S is that it’s a digital-only console, meaning you can’t play games on disc with it – this may make Xbox’s Game Pass service a more appealing option however, with its massive and ever-expanding library of games spanning all genres and sizes, all ready to download.

To go alongside the console, you also get an Xbox wireless controller, colourised in white to match the console aesthetic – there’s always the option of upgrading it later of course, and Xbox offers a very flexible system that allows you to build your own custom controller via Xbox Design Lab.

On the whole, it’s a great price if you’re looking to get into next-gen gaming at a lower cost – whilst it’s not a Series X, it’s a damn good price for what you get, and can be a good place to start if you’re looking for a lower entry cost.

Elsewhere, we found a 20-percent discount on an Xbox-compatible Steelseries headset that might go well with your potential Series S purchase. Otherwise, keep an eye out for more deals via our Jelly Deals Twitter as we move through the next week towards Black Friday and beyond!

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