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RuneScape has 200 million registered users

Jagex has announced RuneScape has
200 million registered users
. To celebrate, developers published a few statistic on the free-to-play MMO.

Here's the stats:

  • If Runescape were a country, it would be the fifth most populated in the world.
  • Since its 2001 release,more than 443 billion minutes have been played.
  • 150 dragons are killed a day.
  • There are 10 LOLs and 27 deaths per second.
  • Every five-and-a-half weeks, enough wood is chopped to build a digital bridge to the moon.
  • Every year, 8 billion fish are caught - enough to circle Earth 20 times.

The 200 million milestone will be celebrated for the next three days, and a new demon with 200 million hit points is now ready for you to kill. Trouble is, you have to have a unique weapon to do it.

Jagex is working on browser MMO Transformers Universe, which will release sometime this year.


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