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Rockstar didn't enter Red Dead Redemption for the BAFTAs

Multi-award winner Red Dead Redemption was conspicuously absent from tonight's BAFTA Awards ceremony, because Rockstar didn't see fit to enter it.

"We don't have the right to automatically enter a videogame," BAFTA chief operation officer Kevin Price told Eurogamer TV (via Games Industry).

"We encourage the publishers and developers to enter. We're not happy that Rockstar games isn't in the longlist this year, but the simple answer is it wasn't entered".

GI's sources are whispering that Rockstar blackballed BAFTA after Grand Theft Auto IV failed to score any awards at the 2009 ceremony.

BAFTA requires publishers and developers to make a physical submission in order to be considered for the awards' long and shortlists.

There are around 300 BAFTA members from the games industry, which the organisation is hoping to boost into a similar figure as its film and television arms, which boats around 5000 members.

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