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Rocket League patch 1.03 fixes PC crashes, PS4 fan issue, more

A few of the key issues Rocket League players have reported will be fixed in the upcoming patch.


Rocket League developer Psyonix has outlined a number of known issues on its website, most of which will be fixed in patch 1.03, releasing sometime this week.

Here are the top issues that are getting fixed in the patch. The list is not comprehensive, as more will be revealed when the patch passes cert.

  • Multiple crash fixes for Steam users included in patch v1.03
  • Optimizations in the v1.03 patch (and future patches) that should improve our Main Menu rendering to lower how quickly the fan activates when staying on the Main Menu for too long
  • The news ticker should now update properly
  • Fix for the “Far, Far Away…” achievement tracking
  • Fix for the “Virtuoso” Steam achievement
  • The patch will reduce the number of instances in which some cars become invisible

The developer also promised to add additional server regions for the game and advised players to always choose the closest server location to them to minimize lag issues.

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