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Returnal launch trailer shows Selene take on the hostiles of Atropos

The launch trailer for Returnal is here, which means the release is not far off.

Returnal is coming out in two days for PS5, and the launch trailer has landed.

It shows Selene taking on the creatures of Atropos, and there are some flashbacks in there as well as a bit of a philosophical voice-over.

The video shows Selene going up against different types of aliens in various locations on the planet Atropos.

As you know, the game features a time loop upon death, which is the game's rogue-lite mechanic.

The landscape will always shift, and when you are defeated and forced to restart your journey, you will learn from the previous death.

You will also need to use your equipment and resources carefully, and try to piece together fragments of Selene’s memories as you seek out answers.

Each cycle is guaranteed to be unique, and the map system will always be there to help you navigate towards your next goal. There are also artifacts that are beneficial effects lasting for the duration of that cycle. Some rare artifacts and also resurrect you on the spot, which can make a difference between winning a Boss battle or respawning back at Helios defeated.

There are also single-use items that are used upon activation, but they can be defensive items like one-hit shields, helo with offensive maneuvers, or boost dropped currency for a limited time.

For extra help, there are mysterious devices on the planet that can be obtained using the in-game currency Obolite. These items can increase max health or provide various state upgrades.

But be careful when picking things up, because some items, like malignant containers, can cause a malfunction. This malfunction could disable your Alt-Fire or increasing the cooldown of your melee attack, things you really need to survive on the planet.

To keep from dying, it's also best to keep moving, keep your adrenaline up, avoid target fixation, and know your exit routes unless you want to end up in a death loop.

Returnal releases on April 30.

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