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PS5's best game is seemingly coming to Steam Deck

More evidence has surfaced that Returnal could land on Steam and Steam Deck, sooner rather than later.

It may be the worst kept secret in games this year: Returnal is coming to PC. We've seen evidence of the game already manifest in the form of screenshots taken on PC, and via the massive Nvidia leak that happened back in 2021.

There's even a whole bit of the SteamDB database that lists the game as "Oregon", complete with various tags attached that describe the game perfectly.

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Today, there was yet another update to the game's SteamDB page that added a Steam Deck controller profile. What does that mean? The game is probably coming to PC, and it will be playable on Steam Deck (thanks, Resetera).

Given that features like this are being added right now – before the PC version of the title is even announced – suggests there could be quite a short window between the game's announcement and its release on Steam/Steam Deck. Of course, Sony hasn't made any official statements about the game coming to PC at the time of writing.

How will all the game's particle effects look running on a Steam Deck?

As it stands, Returnal is one of the best PS5 games out there, and ever since it was added to the PS Plus Extra and Premium tiers, it's been making waves all over again. The game didn't sell all too well when it launched back in April, 2021 - but it's having something of a renaissance now that it's on PS Plus.


A quick look at the usual suspects online – Resetera, Reddit, Twitter – shows that the broader gaming audience is excited to get their hands on Housemarque's latest, too; it's a reimagining of the rogue-lite genre that none of us expected to be quite so thrilling. And it's about time people without a PS5 get to experience that, too.

If you want to see which of the other 25 best PS5 games you can cheerlead for PC ports, take a look at the linked list and let us know what you'd like to see make the console-to-PC jump.

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