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PS5 exclusive Returnal could be heading to PC at some point in the near future

It was one of the games included in the massive Nvidia leak from last year.

It looks like Housemarque's third-person shooter Returnal might be heading to PC if information pulled from Steam's database is any indication.

Going by the title "Oregon" on SteamDB (thanks, resetera), the listing has various tags attached which describe the game perfectly.

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Tags include: female protagonist, bullet-hell, single-player, third-person shooter, and roguelike among others.

If accurate, a PC release for Returnal isn't too surprising since Sony has warmed up to the idea of releasing its games on the platform of late. Plus, the game was just one of many included in the massive Nvidia leak from last year.

Hopefully, an announcement will be made soon.

The game was released for the PlayStation 5 on April 30, 2021, and follows Selene Vassos, an astronaut who lands on the planet Atropos in search of a mysterious signal and finds herself trapped in a time loop.

After every death, she is resurrected and follows a pattern of traversing various environments and battling entities in an ever-changing world. Not only does the world change, but so do the items at her disposal. Every loop offers new combinations and forces you to approach combat with a different strategy each time.

In March, the Ascension update was released and brought campaign co-op and an endless challenge mode to the game.

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