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Ada Wong's back! Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways DLC gets September release

Experience the story from a new perspective.

During this evening's State of Play presentation from Sony, Capcom announced the Separate Ways DLC for Resident Evil 4 Remake, starring Ada Wong.

In Separate Ways, Ada Wong travels to the European village controlled by the religious group known as Los Iluminados.

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Under orders from Albert Wesker, Ada is assigned to obtain the cult’s darkest secret: a mysterious material known as the Amber. Her operation intertwines with Leon S. Kennedy’s search for the president’s missing daughter, and provides an alternate perspective on the main story, uncovering events that unfold behind the scenes.

Alongside the gunplay, combat, and knife mechanics of Resident Evil 4, Separate Ways introduces an additional feature: the Grappling Gun. With it, Ada can swing across chasms, make rapid ascents, and plunge. She can also wield the device in close-quarters combat, and launch melee takedowns from a distance.

Separate Ways will run you $9.99 and will be released on September 21 for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. A free update for The Mercenaries will go live the same day, introducing Ada Wong and Albert Wesker as playable characters.

You probably also noticed in the trailer above some footage of Resident Evil 4 VR Mode.

VR mode provides you with a way to experience the main campaign of Resident Evil 4 as free DLC for PlayStation VR2. Out this winter, the VR game features controls that include dual wielding, realistic weapon handling, enhanced knife action, and more.

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