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Resident Evil 2 Remake Walkthrough - S Rank Leon A Part 1: RPD

Here’s a full guide for finishing Resident Evil 2 Remake in just over two hours to get the S Rank and unlock the infinite ammo Samurai Edge pistol.

Before we start, you first need to understand which actions stop the clock and which don’t. Pausing the game will obviously pause the clock, as will opening your map, checking your inventory, and watching a cutscene. However, the clock keeps ticking when you’re zoomed in on an item or puzzle, and obviously as you’re directly controlling the character.

Now you’re clued up, let’s get you that infinite ammo Samurai Edge.

Leon A Guide Parts 1-6:

Resident Evil 2 Remake S Rank walkthrough - getting to RCPD

The game kicks off with Leon heading inside a truckstop. Upon entering, you want to head to the left corner and run past the injured man. Keep on going and a cutscene will play and you’ll be introduced to your first zombie. Fire a shot at its head and run past it while it’s staggered, into the corner of the room where you’ll find a key. Don’t head back the way you came - instead, run to the other door in the room you’re in and use the key on the door. You are then free to discard the key to free up space in your inventory. Now run back through the store via the only path available, getting back to the store entrance as quickly as you can.

After the cutscenes, you’re dumped into Raccoon City. Everything is on fire and zombies are everywhere. Don’t waste any ammo and just leg it. You’ll start off facing a horde of them and you want to turn around to your right and leg it down the street. Keep distance between you and the two zombies in front, then head left down the alleyway, past the fire, and down the stairs. When you emerge up the stairs on the other side, you will see the Raccoon City Police Department ahead. Head towards it, running around any zombies in your path. You can even avoid the ones right near the gate - just run to the gate and interact with it to get inside.

Here's the video walkthrough:

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Resident Evil 2 Remake S Rank walkthrough - the three medallions

When you enter the police station, head forwards and grab the First Aid Spray to your right. Then head to the southeast corner, right near where you are, and pull the lever to open the metal shutter. Interact with the shutter to crawl underneath. Follow the corridor around until you come to a white door on your left and head inside - this is the Press Room. In the far right corner, there’s a switch - flick it on to turn on the lights. Now you can grab some Handgun Ammo from the nearby corpse. Head back into the corridor and go left, interacting with a filing cabinet to lift it out of your way. To the left here there’s a bathroom. Head into the middle cubicle to get another First Aid Spray, then continue back down the corridor. You’ll hear someone screaming for help from a reception on your left - head inside and pull the shutter up to trigger a cutscene.

Once the cutscene is over, a zombie will burst through the door you entered from. Line up some headshots and drop it to clear the path. Now sprint back the way you came. When you get near the Press Room, two zombies will appear. Drop them and carry on back to the Main Hall. Crawl back under the shutter to trigger a cutscene. Once it’s over, you’ll get a Combat Knife. This allows you to cut through a panel on the west side of the Main Hall and open a shutter there. But first, head up the stairs at the end of the Main Hall and interact with the Lion statue at the top - the sequence is: lion, leaf, bird. Take that crest and slot it into the depressions in the base of the statue at the bottom of the stairs, then go to the typewriter, grab the Handgun Ammo from nearby, and pop one of your First Aid Sprays into the storage container. Now get that west shutter open with your knife.

We have a dedicated page for getting all three medallions in both Resident Evil 2 Remake playthroughs.

In the small reception room, there’s some ammo on your left and a Green Herb on your right. I like to grab the ammo here and leave the Green Herb for later, since we already have two healing items at this point and we could do with the inventory space. Go through the door at the other side of the room and head down the dark west corridor ahead. Interact with the dead police officer’s radio to trigger a cutscene.

Next, keep heading down the corridor, all the way to the end, then turn right and head through the double doors there. This is the Operations Room. Grab the map from the whiteboard there, then climb onto the crate and through the open window. Deal with the zombie harassing the vending machine, then go through the door just to his left and into the West Office. In the right corner, there’s a filing cabinet with some Handgun Ammo inside it. There’s also some Gunpowder on a nearby table. Head around the desks on the other side of the room and deal with the police zombie who stands up from his chair. Now you want to unlock Leon’s desk. To unlock the right hand side, use the code: MRG. To unlock the left side of Leon’s desk, use the code: NED. This gets you the High Capacity Magazine for your pistol, Matilda.

Now go into the private office in the corner of the room and interact with the safe. Left 9, right 15, left 7 is the combination. You get a Hip Pouch for this, giving you two more inventory slots. Now head back out the door you came through and continue up the corridor to the north. Run to the right of the stairs, grab the Wooden Boards, and use them on the window at the base of the stairs - this will stop that zombie smashing through and save you some headaches later on. Now grab the Green Herb and head into the Safe Room near where you got the boards from. Flick the light on, store your Green Herb and Gunpowder, then check the lockers near the entrance for some Handgun Ammo and more Gunpowder - store the latter away, then head back outside and up the stairs near the window you boarded up.

Don’t go up the next set of stairs yet. Instead, go into the locker room on 2F and open up the locker there with the combination: CAP. This gets you some Shotgun Shells. There are some more shells in the lockers nearby, as well as a Portable Safe. Open this by examining it and pressing the buttons until you get a sequence that runs counter-clockwise. You’ll get a Spare Key for a keypad which we’ll use later on. Now head out the room and up the stairs, taking care of the zombie on the way.

There’s some Handgun Ammo at the top of the stairs and there’s another locked locker ahead. Combination is DCM, and this gets you some MAG Ammo. In the next room, you’ll find the Spade Key. Grab it and continue on through the next door and down the corridor ahead. Go through the door on your left and into the Storage Room. There are Wooden Boards, Gunpowder, and another Hip Pouch in here. Grab it all, then go through the door near the bookcase. This brings you out into the Library. Head down the stairs and go back on yourself at the bottom, turning right. Grab the Red Book from the table there. Go to the north side of the room where there are interactive bookcases. Slide the one furthest right one space to the left. The grab the one second from left and move it one space right - this will save you some hassle later. Now head to the door near where you grabbed the Red Book and use the Spade Key to unlock it.

You’re now on the balcony in the Main Hall. Run to your right and grab some Handgun Ammo from the corner, then head down the stairs and back to Marvin. After the cutscene, use the storage container to put away the Gunpowder, Wooden Boards, Shotgun Ammo, MAG Ammo, and Spare Key. Keep the Red Book. If you’re low on ammo, mix two Gunpowder together to get some more.

Now head upstairs and go across the balcony on the east side of the Main Hall. Head through the door into the East Wing Waiting Room and use the safe. The combination is: left 6, right 2, left 11. This gives you a Muzzle Brake for Matilda. Attach it, grab the Green Herb from the table nearby, then use the Spade Key to exit the room on the other side. Now go left, then enter the door on your right. This is the Art Room. Inside, grab the Weapons Locker Key Card, then pick up the Statue Arm and combine it with the Red Book. Now interact with the statue and place the arm. This gives you a Scepter. Examine the Scepter and interact with the mechanism on it the get the Red Jewel.

Leave the room and turn left, heading around the corridor. Halfway down, you’ll hear a helicopter crash. Grab the Green Herb from nearby. You want to go through the fire exit door ahead and down the fire escape. A cutscene will trigger and you’ll be at the bottom of the stairs. Grab the Bolt Cutters from near the toolbox in front and use them on the door ahead. Through that door, there’s another door ahead and slightly right that needs the bolt cutter treatment. This is the East Office.

Head through and use the any Wooden Boards you have on the window the zombie is trying to break through. There’s a bunch of items in here, but you need to make sure you grab the Round Handle form the private office, as well as the Electrical Part from off the desks in the middle of the room. Get those first, then get what you can. Deal with any zombies attacking you, then exit the room on the west side, moving the chair blocking the way.

Use the Electrical Part on the fuse box ahead and it’ll open the shutter to the Main Hall. Head back into it. Store the Red Jewel and any other items you don’t need right now, but keep the Round Handle, the Weapons Locker Keycard, and the Bolt Cutters. From there, you need to use the Spade Key on the West Office door in the Main Hall, lower level. You should be able to discard the key once you’ve unlocked it.

Run through the office and to the door on the other side of the room. There’s a door opposite when you exit - head through there. This is the Safety Deposit Room. Head straight to the back of the room and use the Weapons Locker Keycard on the reader to grab the Shotgun. Now head back into the corridor and around to your north. You can head back into the Dark Room safe room and grab any shotgun ammo you’ve stored at this point, then head up the stairs to where the first combination locked locker was. Use the Round Handle on the valve to stop the steam and allow you to get through the showers. There’s some Gunpowder in the lockers on the other side.

In the next corridor, you’ll meet your first licker. Get that shotgun ready. Once you’ve dealt with it, go through the door on the left halfway down the corridor - the STARS Office. There’s First Aid Spray, High Grade Gunpowder, and more in here. If you mix the High Grade Gunpowder with Gunpowder, you get more shotgun shells. You also need to grab the Battery from the private office in here. Then head back out and left, down the corridor the licker was in. This should bring you to the Unicorn Statue. The solution for this is: fish, scorpion, jug. There’s also a map nearby. Once you’ve got the Unicorn Medallion, head through the next door and back through the Library and into the Main Hall. Now slot the Medallion into the base of the Goddess Statue.

Now head through the door in the southwest corner of the Main hall and back down the corridor where you found the dead cop with the radio. This corridor will be filled with enemies by now, so you’ll have to fight and run your way through. You want to head all the way to the north again, to the Operations Room. But rather than climbing out through the broken window, you want to use your Bolt Cutters on the door inside. This gets you the Electronic Gadget. Combine that with the Battery to make a Detonator. Unlock the latched door on the east side of the room and head through the corridor, past the Safety Deposit Room and up the stairs, avoiding any zombies blocking your way. You want to head right up to the third floor and into the attic room where you found the Hip Pouch earlier.

In this room, you need to use the Detonator to clear some debris blocking access to the Maiden Statue. Set it on the C4, then run to near the bookcase next to the Library door. It will fall over from the blast and you want to lift it up before heading to the statue. The Maiden Statue solution is: maiden, bow, snail (the most damaged piece). Once you have the Medallion, run straight for the Library door, rather than fighting the enemies who appear - just get out of there. Get down the stairs in the Library, go through the door to the Main Hall, then down to slot the Medallion into the Goddess Statue base. This opens up a secret tunnel - head down and we’ll move on. Keep up the pace.

Leon A Guide Parts 1-6:

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