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Remnant From The Ashes: How to Get the Strange Coin

If you want the Magnum Revolver in Remnant From The Ashes, you’ll need to find the Strange Coin.

There’s only a handful of weapons to get ahold of in Remnant From The Ashes. If you want to get them all, you’ll need to get your hands on the Magnum Revolver, and to do that you’ll first need to find the Strange Coin. To help you better your chances at finding one, we’ve put together this Remnant From The Ashes Strange Coin Guide. We’ll outline some of the common Strange Coin Locations where the item can pop up, and tell you what to do once you’ve found it.

Where to Find the strange Coin in Remnant From The Ashes

It’s worth noting that elements of Remnant From The Ashes are randomized for each player. Areas will have a different layout with each campaign, and bosses will have a slightly different attacking style depending on your game state. As such, items like Strange Coin are not going to be in the same place for everyone. We’ve re-rolled our campaign a few times and found the following locations to be where the Strange Coin is likely to be.

At the end of the first dungeon, look around the boss area for a corpse with an orange light coming from it. The Strange Coin can spawn in the Subway area which leads to the Church.

If you cannot find the Strange Coin at these locations, we suggest re-rolling your campaign. This will add new layouts and item drops, and you’ll be able to keep your progress.

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What to Do With the Strange Coin Once You’ve Found It

Once you’ve found the Strange Coin item (congratulations!), you’ll need to head back to Ward 13. You’re looking for Ace, the character that lead you through the first mission at the reactor. They can be found by heading right after spawning at the crystal. Speak to them and they will trade you the Magnum Revolver for your troubles.

Here's where you'll find Ace | Jake Green/USG

What Does the Strange Coin Look Like?

While you’re trawling dungeons looking for the Strange Coin, you might like to know what it looks like. Well, it is just an item drop, though it has a unique orange glow. It’s pretty easy to spot, so just keep an eye out for an orange item on the ground.

That’s all we have on this Remnant From The Ashes Guide. For a look at the game’s crossplay capabilities, head to our Remnant From The Ashes Crossplay Guide. For some helpful Tips and Tricks, head to our Remnant From The Ashes Tips Guide. If you need help with Gorefist, there's our Gorefist Boss Guide. If you need help tracking down the Strange Coin, then head here.

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