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Alibi and Maestro are Rainbow Six Siege’s Italian operators, according to a leak

Rainbow Six Siege’s Italian operators have leaked.

Following the release of Operation Chimera in Rainbow Six Siege, players have been digging into the game files, ripping them apart like an assault rifle tears through Siege’s maps.

Hidden in the files is a short clip with some placeholder text, seemingly revealing the two new upcoming operators: Italian special forces soldiers Alibi and Maestro.

The leak comes courtesy of eager Reddit detectives who love digging into game files and rappelling through windows in equal measure.

A previous dig into the files revealed some potential abilities for the new operators, with lots of messaging around ‘decoys’ and ‘holograms’.

It seems like one of the operators will be able to distract enemies with a projected image of themselves. Our bet? That’s Alibi. Her name is Alibi, for christ’s sake. "It wasn’t me over there, officer, I was with my team the entire time, Guv."

Very little is known about Maestro, but judging by his ammo bandolier, he’ll be able to do some damage. Are those shotgun shells? They’re definitely beefy enough.

Of course, the word 'placeholder' is right there in the asset. That means there's a chance the names of these operators isn't final. We'll find out for sure soon.

With the release of Operation Chimera, Rainbow Six Siege managed to beat its concurrent player count record, and the game shows no signs of slowing down.

Operation Chimera itself contained a new Outbreak co-op mode as well as two new operators - Finka and Lion - and a host of quality of life improvements.

Are you still smashing sledgehammers through walls?

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