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PUBG's Taego map arrives soon, and it looks to have a Warzone Gulag-like respawn system

We're just a couple of weeks away from the release of PUBG's new big map.

Krafton has revealed that PUBG's next map, codename Tiger, is now officially called Taego. This is the game's first 8x8km map in years, and it will arrive July 7 on PC, and July 15 on consoles.

As you might expect, testing for the new map will begin a week before those dates on each platform, on the game's test server. While the developer didn't share much in this week's announcement, it previously said that Taego will be set in Korean. It's also the first ever map that will allow players to come back to the match after dying.

Krafton also didn't say how this is going to work, but thanks to some clever interpretations from fans (via @PlayerIGN), it looks like PUBG is getting a Warzone-style Gulag where dead players will have to fight for the right to re-join the action.

The trailer, seen above, actually shows the Gulag island where fighting will presumably take place, which is seen in the Southern East part of the map. You can also - almost - make out the outline of what looks to be a new weapon: the K-2 assault rifle, a Korean-made weapon that would make sense in the new setting.

PUBG has, of course, previously experimented with a respawn system, but it operated on a timer like what you might find in TDM. We'll find out for sure when update 12.2 hits test servers.

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