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PUBG players have a combined 25,815 years playtime, and other amazing statistics

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds sure is popular.

Bluepoint has shared some internal statistics with IGN, and the numbers are incredible. You'll have to click through to see all the fancy infographs they sent through, but the numbers alone are very impressive.

The combined play time of everyone who has played PUBG adds up to 25,815 years, resulting in 965.83 million deaths. 56.97% of gun deaths come from assault rifles, while less than 1% are from crossbows.


Perhaps most impressive of all - one in 6000 players win a 'chicken dinner' on their very first game. If you're one of them, feel good - it's a small club.

Check out the original article for a full breakdown of very method of killing, and see how your favourites are tracking.

PUBG is unlikely to lose steam anytime soon either - it's one of the most played games on Steam.

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