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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tops 500,000 concurrent players, now trading blows with CS:GO

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds only recently managed to be the third highest record on Steam in concurrent players, and it's looking like it may soon go even higher.

The game was already the most played non-Valve game, with only Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 left to beat. Dota 2 is well ahead of the pack, but CS:GO's numbers are definitely within reach.

Over the weekend, PUBG broke the 500,000 concurrent player record, putting it above Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and into the no.2 slot. Even at the time of writing, PUBG is ahead with 492,557 compared to CS:GO's 437,834.

As far as daily peak numbers, Counter-Strike remains at the top with 624,785 compared to PUBG's 574,173. As you can see, though, the goal is very manageable. PUBG has seen tremendous growth so far, breaking records no one ever thought it would in such a short time.


It's very possible tat in just a few days, the game could be the second most-played game on Steam.

This impressive climb comes during a time when the game's servers were performing their worst after the release of the recent patch. Most of the issues have now been fixed, but PUBG certainly didn't make the best first impression during these past few days.

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