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PlayStation Plus April Leaked: Slay the Spire, Spongebob Squarepants, and Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Via Dealabs, a historically accurate source for leaks of this nature, the PS+ line-up has been leaked ahead of the official reveal

We’ve got more PS + leaks coming from Dealabs today, this time teasing what we can expect from the service in April. Hood: Outlaws & Legends steals the show this time around, while Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated splashes some fun on the whole selection. Finally, Slay the Spire sneaks in as the final entry in proper rogue-like fashion.

Dealabs, and the leaker Billbil Kun, has been a mysterious source of reliable information in the past. So, while they’ve been on point in recent months, we must as always stress to take this leak (as well as any leak) with a pinch of salt.

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Starting off with Hood: Outlaws & Legends, this team based 3rd person action game has a squad of outlaws venture into a selection of guarded locations in order to pillage the wealth hidden inside. More of a darker twist on the classic Robin Hood story, this might be the game for you if you’ve got a few friends looking for a fun experience to hop into. This game got itself a nice amount of post-launch content too, so if you really like it there’s additional stuff you and your buds can dive into.

Then comes Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated, a top-to-bottom remake of a beloved 2003 action adventure platformer. Obviously it’s a fun kids game that’s aimed towards a younger crowd, but it’s been brought back by THQ for a good reason! So if you’ve got young ones running around your place these days, or just fancy something easygoing, this might be a great grab.

Finally, Slay the Spire is an excellent mix of deck building games and your traditional Rogue-likes as you take control of several distinct characters and attempt to venture up a gigantic, hugely dangerous spire. If you’re a fan of trail and error, and want a sort of side project to chip away at in your spare time, this is one of the best. If you want an idea of this game at its best, check out the AGDQ 2022 speedrun for Slay the Spire to see the best mess around with it.

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