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Pokémon X & Y to have one-on-five wild encounters, aerial battles

Among the many exciting additions to Pokémon X&Y - like the ability to walk diagonally, worr - are aerial battles and encounters with hordes of wild pokémon.

Gamefreak revealed the new systems at a roundtable at E3 2013, as reported by Polygon.

Trainers are used to facing off against multiple Pokémon in one battle when facing down non-player characters, but in Horde Battles, you'll fight groups of Pokémon in random encounters. Your one Pokémon will face off against five at once - not in succession, but all at once.

Multiple-target attacks will help with this, but it's still no easy task. Managing this impressive feat will reward you with increased XP.

Another new kind of encounter is Sky Battle. Initiated by some trainers, these battles are open only to Pokémon who can fly - Flying type, as well as some Ghost and Dragon types.

Pokémon X & Y is coming west in October; a new trailer and some screenshots turned up yesterday.

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