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Pokemon X & Y screens and trailer show first town, gym leader & new creatures

Pokemon X & Y has received a new trailer and a barrage of fresh screens. We've also got more information on the game's starting town, gym leader Violet as well as English names and details for four new Pokemon revealed during E3.

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First up is new gym trainer Violet - you can see her here - and she's a keen photographer based in Santalune City, a pleasant place full of parks and other nice things. You first learn of Violet after bumping into her big sister Alexa, who also happens to be a journalist working from Lumiose City.

Violet's gym is focused on bug type Pokemon and is littered with spiders webs that must be carefully navigated with advice from Violet. It sounds unhygienic at best.

Next, we've got more details on four new Pokemon that were revealed last week. Just click their names to see them. Litleo is a fire-type bear cub whose Noble Roar move will lower its opponent's attack stat, while Flabébé is a new fairy type whose flower comes in a variety of colours. Its move Fairy Wind summons a wind blast that is effective against dragons.

Scatterbug is a new bug-type that evolves into Spewpa, and then into butterfly Vivillon. Scatterbug can slow down enemies using String Shot, Spewpa can use Protect at the start of a turn to negate the enemy's next attack, while Vivillon knows Struggle Bug, a move that lowers its opponent's special attacks.

Starting area Vaniville Town has also been described by Nintendo in a statement which reads, "Once a player has chosen to play as a male or female Trainer, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y begins in Vaniville Town. Step outside the house you just moved to and soon meet four new friends that will embark on a journey around the Kalos region with you. These four friends — Shauna, Tierno, Trevor, and Serena (if you play as a boy) or Calem (if you play as a girl)— are unique individuals."

Finally AGB has a ton of new Pokemon X&Y screens that show off all four new creature types, Vaniville town and more. You can see them all here.

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