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Pokemon X & Y: Poke Transfer, new consoles & starter Pokemon revealed

Pokemon X & Y is the focus of this week's Nintendo Direct web-stream. Get all the details as they drop here.

Watch on YouTube

You can watch the live-stream as it happens over on Nintendo's site, and I'll be re-capping everything as it comes below.

New information was promised at the start of the feed, and saw Nintendo president Satoru Iwata standing in the Pokemon Company's HQ in Tokyo. He then handed over to the head of the company to present the feed, along with Game Freak's Junichi Masuda.

The trio then reflected on the original Game Boy release of Pokemon Red and Blue, and noted how back then the console didn't have internet capability. That has changed today of course.

Iwata stressed that now the 3DS has solid wi-fi capability, Nintendo and Game Freak are keen to push the player's interaction with others.

Players can transfer Pokemon they have captured in Pokemon Black and White, and Pokemon Black and White 2 to Pokemon X & Y using a Poke Transporter app. Your creatures are then stored in your Pokemon Bank on the cloud and you can search and filter through the ones you want.

However, Pokemon Bank is an app that works in tandem with Poke Transporter, and you must first purchase and download it. You can store 3000 Pokemon in your Pokemon Bank at any one time.

Next, Masuda confirmed that aside from the game's three starting Pokemon Chespin, Froakie and Fennekin, players can also pick from the classic starting trio Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. Each of these three classics also have Mega Evolution breeds that must be unlocked along your quest: Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard and Mega Blastoise.

Next, two special edition 3DS consoles were confirmed. The Pokemon Red console will feature Xerneas, while the blue edition features Yveltal. Both are available on September 27.

Pokemon X & Y launch worldwide on Nintendo 3DS from October 12.

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