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Pokémon Go: Instinct, Valor or Mystic - which team should you join?

Which Pokemon Go gym team should you join? Well, that's a difficult question to answer... (It's Team Mystic, obviously.)

When you hit level five and visit your first gym in Pokemon Go, Professor Willow will pop up to introduce you to his three assistants, each of which directs a team, and they all have a different approach to researching Pokemon.

Here's the important thing to note: ultimately, it doesn't matter too much which gym you choose. Try not to sweat it too much, because as it stands right now in Pokemon Go (as of October 2018), your gym determines some visual aspects of the game and who you'll fight in player-versus-player - but it doesn't impact your ability to access any of Pokemon Go's content. Pokemon Go updates all the time, however, so there's a chance teams could make a larger difference in the future.


So, what can you do with your team? Well, you can train at friendly gyms as well as stationing Pokemon there to defend them (nabbing you a defender bonus), and you can challenge gyms of opposing teams to lower their defending Pokemon's health and eventually take over. Teams also factor into things like raid battles - trainers of all teams can work together, but bonuses are often determined by the team allegiance of the players taking part in any given boss encounter.

It's important to remember you can't switch teams once you've chosen, so if you have friends in the area, it's worth having a chinwag about which teams they're on, then choosing a different one and giving them a sound thrashing before kicking them out of the gym and taking over. Or you know, choosing the same team and remaining best buddies, but where's the fun in that? Until the ability to battle friends gets introduced, challenging them at a gym is as close as you're going to get, so make the most of it.

When you're ready, you can become a lifelong member of one of the following teams.

Team Instinct

pokemon go team instinct

Team Instinct is lead by Spark and their mascot is the equally electrifying legendary bird Zapdos. Spark's motto is to trust your instincts and your Pokemon, so if that sounds like you, then he's your man.

Team Mystic

pokemon go team mystic

Blanche heads up the blue team and she's all about wisdom. The mascot is the icy Articuno. If a logical and academic approach describes your chosen method of worldly interactions, you might want to join their ranks.

Team Valor

pokemon team valor

The inimitable Team Valor is awash with the color of their fiery passions. The red team is lead by Candela and is driven by the urge to the very best, and although she's super keen on things like power and strength, she's a well-adjusted young woman and definitely not a sociopath. Our mascot is the fancy-looking Moltres.

A big part of the game lies in contesting territory, and watching gyms change color on the map as battles range within is all very exciting. Remember that ultimately other trainers are friendly, however - you'll be working to take on research and raid battles together.

Which team have you sided with? Let us know in the comments.

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