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Pokémon Go update causes review ratings to drop and tempers to rise

The Pokémon Go app has been updated, and it implemented changes no one asked for.

pokemon angry

Niantic Labs has rolled out a Pokémon Go update, and contrary to spreading sunshine and rainbows by fixing crashes and server issues, they've managed to whip people up into a frothy rage.

Rather than fixing the three steps bug, the system indicating the proximity of nearby pokémon has simply been removed altogether.

And to make matters worse, third-party tracking apps have had their services shut down at Niantic's request, which isn't too much of a surprise given CEO John Hanke's negative view of them.

Additional changes include nerfing Vaporean, but it seems that wasn't the only pokémon to have been tweaked, despite Niantic making no mention of these tweaks in the patch notes.

These changes have lead to a number of users requesting refunds for in-app purchases on the basis that the update has affected the functionality of the items purchased. Judging by the Reddit thread, this seems to be yielding positive results. People are actually getting refunds on iTunes, and according to another Reddit user, Google Play has included a preemptive apology on the app's page, redirecting users to Niantic's website - although I'm not seeing this message when I visit the store.

I'm no business mogul but this seems like a really dumb move. Who hasn't seen, read, heard about, or participated in Pokémon hunts? Taking out the very mechanic that allows you to do so is insanity. And shutting down third-party services is questionable as well.

The average rating over the weekend plummeted, and in Japan, the app is sitting at one and a half stars in the app store.

At the moment Niantic don't seem to be acknowledging the furore, which again, seems to be a rather large oversight. Perhaps they're furiously reworking the tracking feature. Who knows.

In the meantime, let us know if this has affected your Pokémon Go fun, or if you're just relieved to have those damn kids out off your lawn.

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