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Pokemon Go Season of Heritage has kicked off - here's what to expect

There's plenty going on this season, and we're here to tell you about it.

In case you missed the news, the Season of Heritage has kicked off in Pokemon Go, and there will be all sorts of things to get up to during the long season.

For starters, it runs now through March 1, 2022. And each week, and month, there will be plenty of things for players to accomplish and partake in.

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There will be a different Seasonal Bonus featured every month during the Season of Heritage, and Timed Research will be available every month and will reward you with exclusive avatar items. December’s Timed Research will be available to all Trainers, while the Timed Research in January and February will be available to those who pre-purchase a ticket for Pokemon Go Tour: Johto.

The Season of Heritage is centered around a door in a historical cave and it features some strange unlocking mechanisms, according to Professor Willow. Because it seems to be a very old door, it will somehow tie into exploring heritages such as the histories of places, Pokemon, and fellow Trainers. According to rumblings online, this could be a hint at what to expect during the season leading up to the January 28 release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. We’ll just have to wait to find out, though.

During the season, each of the three main Team Leaders in Pokemon Go will have a month dedicated to offering players rewards. In December, it’s Blanche. She will be working alongside Professor Willow to unlock the first portion of the mysterious door’s unlocking mechanism. Apparently, the door requires Stardust and the help of Ice and Ground-type Pokemon. This is where the player can help move things along. So, during December, you will earn 2x Stardust for your first catch of the day all month long.

Stardust is the main thing for December, and you will be required to catch tons of it in order to acquire a Deino Hat Avatar item. It will take 120,000 Stardust Total to unlock. Luckily, there are many opportunities to earn Stardust in the usual manner, and if you miss out on the hat, you will be able to purchase it in the shop after the Season ends.

Collecting Stardust during December will also reward you with tons of items. Here’s the list:

  • 500 Total Stardust - 10× Poke Ball
  • 1,000 Total Stardust - 10× Razz Berry
  • 3,000 Total Stardust - Rhyhorn
  • 6,000 Total Stardust - 15× Pinap Berry
  • 10,000 Total Stardust - Onix
  • 15,000 Total Stardust - 25× Poke Ball
  • 20,000 Total Stardust - 15× Nanab Berry
  • 30,000 Total Stardust - Staryu
  • 40,000 Total Stardust - 20× Great Ball
  • 50,000 Total Stardust - 2× Silver Pinap Berry
  • 60,000 Total Stardust - Alolan Exeggutor
  • 70,000 Total Stardust - 25× Ultra Ball
  • 85,000 Total Stardust - Deino
  • 100,000 Total Stardust - 5,000 XP
  • 120,000 Total Stardust - 1× Lucky Egg

When January rolls around, Team Leader Spark will take the reins, and while more information on the events in January is yet to be revealed, we do know that he will be handing out 2x XP for your first catch of the day all month and his goal for Trainers will be earning tons of XP.

During the month, you will have the chance to unlock the Goomy Hat Avatar item by earning a total of 240,000 XP. Like December’s Deino Hat, if you miss out, you can buy it in the shop after the season ends.

Along with the hat, you will be able to pre-purchase January’s Timed Research ticket for Pokemon Go Tour: Johto. Just be sure to nab it before January 10 rolls around.

Like Blanche, Spark will offer rewards for hitting milestones. Here are the rewards:

  • 1,000 Total XP - 15× Poke Ball
  • 6,000 Total XP - 1× Lure Module
  • 15,000 Total XP - Cranidos
  • 25,000 Total XP - 15× Razz Berry
  • 350,000 Total XP - 25× Poke Balls
  • 47,500 Total XP - Porygon
  • 60,000 Total XP - 20× Great Ball
  • 70,000 Total XP - 15× Pinap Berries
  • 90,000 Total XP - Shedinja
  • 110,000 Total XP - 25x Ultra Balls
  • 130,000 Total XP - Togetic
  • 150,000 Total XP - 3× Golden Razz Berry
  • 175,000 Total XP - Goomy
  • 200,000 Total XP - 2,500 Stardust
  • 240,000 Total XP - 1× Star Piece

In February, Team Leader Candela will make sure you get increased Candy XL and 2x XP from hatching Eggs. So be sure you have plenty of incubators when the month rolls around. More details on what to expect in February are to be announced, but like the other Team Leaders, she will be handing out goodies for reaching milestones.

During the month, you will be able to earn a Noibat Hat Avatar item if you catch 600 Pokemon. The Noibat Hat avatar item will be available for purchase in the shop after the Season ends.

Catching Pokemon during the month of February will also make progress on Candela’s Timed Research, which like January, will only be available as a pre-purchase bonus for Trainers who purchase a ticket for Pokemon Go Tour: Johto prior to February 10, 2022.

Here are the rewards for catching Pokemon during February:

  • 15 Total Pokemon Caught - 20× Poke Ball
  • 35 Total Pokemon Caught - 1× Incense
  • 55 Total Pokemon Caught - Krabby
  • 80 Total Pokemon Caught - 15× Razz Berry
  • 105 Total Pokemon Caught - 15× Great Balls
  • 135 Total Pokemon Caught - Gligar
  • 165 Total Pokemon Caught - 15× Nanab Berries
  • 200 Total Pokemon Caught - Primeape
  • 235 Total Pokemon Caught - 2× Silver Pinap Berries
  • 275 Total Pokemon Caught - Galarian Zigzagoon
  • 315 Total Pokemon Caught - Pupitar
  • 365 Total Pokemon Caught - 3× Golden Razz Berry
  • 425 Total Pokemon Caught - Noibat
  • 500 Total Pokemon Caught - 5,000 XP
  • 600 Total Pokemon Caught - 1x Remote Raid Pass

As if all of these prizes and bonuses weren’t enough, the following bonuses will also be active during the season:

  • Increased effectiveness of Incense while stationary
  • Added Increased Incense effectiveness while moving
  • Increased damage for Pokemon participating in raids remotely
  • Guaranteed Gifts from PokeStop spins
  • One extra Pokémon Candy when trading Pokemon
  • Guaranteed Candy XL when trading Pokemon

During the season, you can also expect some different Pokemon to start popping up in the wild. Depending on where you are located and the environment you are in, different Pokemon will be appearing more often.

In cities, you can expect Porygon, Snubbull, Glameow, Bronzor, Lillipup, Trubbish, Solosis, and others.

Forests will feature Caterpie, Taillow, Croagunk, Joltik, Ferroseed, Karrablast, and Shelmet, and many more.

Hang out in the mountains and you will come across Clefairy, Aerodactyl, Teddiursa, Meditite, Numel, Hippopotas, Munna, and more.

Bodies of water will be attracting Psyduck, Lapras, Wingull, Barboach, Finneon, Feebas, Bidoof, as well as others.

Those living in the Northern Hemisphere will come across Delibird, Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Cottonee, Vanillite, and the adorable Winter Form Deerling - among others.

Southern Hemisphere folks can encounter all sorts as well, but here are just a few worth noting: Tangela, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Carvanha, Combee, and Summer Form Deerling.

The season also brings with it a fresh batch of Pokemon hatching from Eggs. While we will make our usual Egg Chart for you at a later date, here’s just some of the Pokemon you can expect to hatch out of Eggs this season:

  • 2km Eggs: Poliwag, Bellsprout, Swinub, Meditite, Barboach, Swablu, and Bunnelby
  • 5km Eggs: Onix, Azurill, Happiny, Munchlax, Snover, Froakie, and Hippopotas
  • 10km Eggs: Audino, Darumaka, Mienfoo, Rufflet, Espurr, Goomy, and Noibat
  • 5km Eggs from Adventure Sync Rewards: Cranidos, Shieldon, Frillish, Skrelp, Clauncher, and Dedenne
  • 10km Eggs from Adventure Sync Rewards: Dratini, Bagon, Beldum, Riolu, Deino, and Noibat

Sounds like quite a busy time, and this is just on top of what’s happening in December with Community Day weekend running December 18 -19 , Incense Day on December 5, December 7-12 will bring about the Dragonspiral Descent event, and there’s the two-part Pokemon Go Holidays event running from December 16-31.

Looks like there is plenty to look forward to during December and for the next couple of months after. Get out there and have fun.

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