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Pokemon Go has raked in over $5 billion in five years

Happy birthday, Pokemon Go! Today, on the mobile sensation's fifth birthday, it's been revealed that the game has raked in an impressive $5 billion in revenue.

As per a new report from Sensor Tower, the iOS and Android game developed by Niantic has recorded a ridiculous amount of revenue during the half-decade since it first launched.

Initially hitting handheld devices in 2016, the game has generated – on average – $1 billion per year (though, of course, there are ebbs and flows). That's what 632 million downloads can do for you!

$1.9 billion of the game's revenue has been generated in the US, according to the report. And 52% of its overall revenue has been received via Android, with iOS responsible for 48%.

Even in the first half of 2021, when the world is still gripped by a pandemic, the game managed to soak up an impressive $641.6 million between January and June.

For what it's worth, that impressive number is actually the game's best start to a year to date; proof that the momentum is not running out for Niantic's first mainstream breakthrough geolocation AR game.

A cursory look at the graph below from Sensor Tower proves that the appeal and attraction of the game haven't declined over time – that steady growth is the envy of game publishers the world over. And the appeal of Pokemon Go shows no sign of decelerating any time soon, either.

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Pokemon Go 2021 figures

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