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Pokemon Go update adds increased Daily Bonuses, increased Gift count, more

In an effort to keep folks playing Pokemon Go during self-isolation, Niantic has sweetened the pot a bit.

Pokemon Go players will benefit from increased Daily Bonuses, additional Gifts, and rotating PokeCoin bundles starting today.

From today, players will earn 3x Stardust and XP for the first Pokemon catch of the day. Niantic suggests you activate a Star Piece and Lucky Egg to maximize your rewards.

The number of Gifts you can open daily has also been increased to 30, and the number of Gifts you can carry in your inventory has increased to 20. Gifts will also contain more Poke Balls.

Pokemon Go PokeBalls

On the shop, you will find the 1 PokeCoin bundle rotating out on a weekly basis. Contents will change week by week, and each bundle will be a one-time purchase. This week's 1 PokeCoin bundle features 100 PokeBalls.

This bundle, along with the one-time-purchase bundle of 30 Incense for 1 PokeCoin that was already available, can be purchased until Monday, March 30. At that time, both the Incense and PokeBall bundles will be removed to make way for a new bundle.

Earlier this month, Niantic postponed March’s Abra Community Day, and to make up for it, the company upped the number of Pokemon appearing in the wild. It also added the aforementioned 30 Incense Bundle, 1/2 Hatch Distance when Eggs are placed into Incubators and made it so PokeStops would drop Gifts more frequently.

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