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Pokemon Go: how many Pokemon are there in the game's Pokedex?

The days when you could easily list every single creature available in Pokemon Go are long, long over.

There's now a huge number of Pokemon in the game - in fact, there's now more different species in Pokemon Go than remain to be added.

Counting the exact numbers can be challenging, however. The Pokedex is not made equal. Some Pokemon have different regional variants that are completely different Pokemon for all intents and purposes but share a Pokedex number. Others have multiple forms that share a Pokedex number. Some, like Eevee, play by their own rules, with a wide range of Eevee Evolutions that each counts as a separate unique Pokemon.

This makes the simple act of counting them all a bit of a headache - and once you factor in all the various Pokemon types, keeping track of everything becomes a real headache. But if you're just looking to get a broad idea of how many there are in the game right now, here's a rundown:

How many Pokemon are there in Pokemon Go?

If you're looking to figure out how much further you have to go in your Pokedex, the number you're looking for is very difficult to calculate, and it depends on how you look at it. The number is also constantly updating, with new Pokemon being added to Pokemon Go on a regular basis.

However, at the time of writing, there's around 680-700 Pokemon available in Pokemon Go - but that isn't including regional variants, Pokemon with multiple forms, or Mega Pokemon.

That puts Pokemon Go around two thirds through all of the available Pokemon in the Pokemon universe so far - in the main Nintendo console Pokemon games, there are a grand total of 898 Pokemon in the 'National Pokedex', the complete listing of every Pokemon in existence. Again, this doesn't include some different forms of Pokemon that share a Pokedex number. Expect more of the almost 900 Pokemon to be added to Pokemon Go over time.

Some Pokemon have regional variants based on where they hail from. Meowth is Pokedex number #052, for instance, but it also has two regional variants - Galarian and Alolan - that share this Pokedex number but look completely different. Additionally, some Pokemon like Castform have multiple versions depending on certain world circumstances, while Mega Pokemon are further evolved, hugely powerful versions of existing Pokemon.

If you're a completionist, you might want to target getting all those as well (though Mega Evolutioon is only temporary) - and once you've factored all of those in, you're looking at well over 700 different species of Pokemon.

Pokemon are divided into generations, with each generation representing in which console title each Pokemon first appeared. There are now eight generations of Pokemon. Of those, all of Gen 1 and 2 are present in Pokemon Go, as is the vast majority of generations 3, 4 and 5. While some representatives from generation 6, 7 and 8 are in the game, they're less common - and more will be added over time.

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