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Fan-made Pokémon game lets you ruthlessly murder Pikachu

Shown off by Dragon Dev on Twitter, the FPS allows you to mow down pokemon to your heart's desire

Yep, your eyes don’t deceive you! Someone out there has gone ahead and created a Pokemon FPS, which allows you to blow pikachu away with a shotgun among other horrible, horrible things. Sadly for all of us, you can’t download this game as it was purely made for a comedic Youtube video, but it does make for good watching.

Via a short clip shared on Dragon_GameDev2’s Twitter account, the devloper behind this fan game, we can see multiple pokemon taken out with a variety of weapons. This includes pistols, shotguns, and a variety of automatic weapons. The original tweet is currently sitting at 81,000 likes and 28,000 retweets.

As much as we'd love to get our hands on the game, it’s probably best for the creator that this game not be released to the public. Nintendo is notoriously strict when it comes to the protection of their intellectual properties. Longtime readers may remember the fangame No Mario’s Sky, which was taken down back in 2016, was just one of many projects shut down by games industry giant.

But it has to be said, there’s something about combining cute pokemon and guns that's Inherently engaging. Immediately after seeing the video for the first time, my mind went directly to PALWORLD. This was a 3rd person Action & Adventure game that had the player use a variety of acreates to build houses, block bullets, or work in factory lines. Something about a darker spin on pokemon-esque games seems to speak to people.

So what do you think of this fan game? Let us know below if you’d be keen to play it, and what you think keeps people from creating these kinds of projects?

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