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PlayerUnknown apologises for changes to female character model on test server

PlayerUnknown has apologised for changes to the female character model on the PUBG test server following criticism on Twitter.

Over the weekend, players noticed that female genitalia was visible through the model’s underwear when it isn’t in the live game.

A comparison tweet of the two is embedded below.

Players voiced their opinion on Twitter, looping in PUBG creator and creative director Brendan Greene, who responded early this morning.

He attributed that part of the model to a freelancer whose work hadn’t been changed in a number of years.

PUBG - which also released its new desert map, Miramar, to the test servers in the last couple of days - is so popular that its test server frequently has more players than most full games.

According to steamDB, it currently has more players online than GTA 5 and Team Fortress 2 put together.

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