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PlatinumGames is working on a top-secret action game

Apparently PlatinumGames is working on a game that will "turn the action genre on its head", alongside other projects.

Credit where credit is due, PlatinumGames knows its action games. When it isn't working on the impressively fun Bayonetta series, the studio is usually crafting a solid mid-tier game (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance) or a genre-breaking work of art (Nier: Automata).

So when PlatinumGames founders Atsushi Inaba and Hideki Kamiya say an upcoming game will "turn the action genre on its head", we should probably sit up and pay attention.

This information was provided at a Bitsummer panel in Kyoto, Japan (with thanks to DualShockers for the translation). After talking about the upcoming Bayonetta 3, Kamiya made a point of mentioning other projects the team is working on.

While these games don't have many details, Kamiya is still incredibly excited about them. He made special note of a project that is so top-secret, most of PlatinumGames' staff aren't aware of its existence yet. Saying this game will "turn the action genre on its head" is a bold claim, but given how Nier: Automata turned out, he just might be right.

Inaba and Kamiya also raised the possibility of porting The Wonderful 101 to Nintendo Switch, and discussed how their design philosophy differs from most Western Triple-A studios. In short, PlatinumGames usually focuses its efforts on several bite-sized, mid-tier games with strong gameplay instead of betting massive budgets on huge projects that might not earn a profit. That means for every Star Fox Zero you'll get a Bayonetta or Nier, which seems like a win for everyone involved.

Speaking of which, PlatinumGames next upcoming project will be Bayonetta 3 for the Nintendo Switch. Once that launches, hopefully the top-secret project will quickly follow.

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