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Hideki Kamiya may end up taking the rest of his ideas for Bayonetta "to the grave"

The PlatinumGames co-founder left the studio in September.

With Hideki Kamiya no longer working at PlatinumGames, the Bayonetta series will likely move on without him - and he might be taking his ideas for more games "to the grave."

Back in September, the PlatinumGames co-founder announced that he would be leaving the studio after 16 years of developing games there. A month later, in October, the block-button-loving dev shared that he'll be producing videos for a YouTube channel, as he's not actually allowed to work on games in any capacity for the next year. Kamiya's recent video saw him responding to fan questions, where he spoke about the future of the Bayonetta series.

Cover image for YouTube videoKamiya Responds to Your Comments! Part 3
Listen to Hideki Kamiya's responses to fan questions for yourself here.

"I worked on Bayonetta 1, 2, 3 and Origins. I've talked about this in various interviews, that the Bayonetta series would consist of a total of nine episodes, and that I wanted to grow the franchise as the Bayonetta 'Saga', but it seems like I may have to take the full saga to the grave with me," shared Kamiya. He also spoke of he doesn't own the Bayonetta IP, and that he supposes "those who do will probably keep it going." The most recent entry in the series was the prequel game Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, which explored the titular character's past in a story-book-like fashion. Where Bayonetta might head next is anyone's guess now though.

I'd personally avoid suggesting to Kamiya that he team up with other high profile developers like Nier Automata lead Yoko Taro or Hideo Kojima, as he thinks it would be a "disaster."

"It doesn't work like in Dragon Ball, where Goku fuses with other characters," he said. "Two people with completely different personalities and ideas would clash. There's no way you'd get a decent game out of that. There is a Japanese saying, maybe a proverb? 'Too many captains will steer the ship up a mountain'... so there should only be one captain!"

He also once again touched on his reasons for blocking people, explaining that it mostly had to do with people asking him the same questions over and over again, but said these days he doesn't block people as much.

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