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Metal Gear Rising director wants to make a Kill La Kill or Berserk game

Metal Gear Rising director Kenji Saito wants to make a game based on two of the most popular anime and manga series. The Platinum way.


Kenji Saito, who's currently working on the recently announced Transformers: Devastation game, wishes to work on something from the worlds of anime and manga next.

Asked by a fan to make a game based on Gatchaman or KARAS next, Saito replied:

Platinum has been pretty busy lately. The developer is working on three projects concurrently. The Transformers game is one of them, as well as Microsoft's Scalebound and Nintendo's Star Fox.

But until the studio comes out and announces something, don't get your hopes up. Otherwise we may end up with another Legend of Korra.

Thanks, Polygon.

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