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Payday: The Heist described as "seriously cool, seriously profane, and seriously fun"

PC Gamer got some hands-on time with Payday: The Heist at E3 this week, and said the Overkill-developed game was "seriously cool, seriously profane, and seriously fun. The site also reckons the title is "going to steal E3."

According to a preview of the game, which you can get in full through here, Payday is being described as "Left 4 Dead set it in a bank/casino/celebrity party/skyscraper." All one needs to do to imagine this is put police officers in place of the zombies and there you will have it.

The game level shown started off with the player and three pals walking into a bank, locating its manager, and taking his keys. Once the heist started, police will attacked in waves and the group was tasked with fighting off the law as they made it through a series of checkpoints and gaining as much cash as possible along the way.

It sounds like an interesting downloadable title, and it will be made available on PS3 and PC. No date just yet.

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