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Video game's most famous circle Pac-Man to be featured in Fortnite

Details are currently slim, but the collaboration is set to kick off June 2.

Another day, another Fortnite collaboration, this time with none other than Pac-Man.

The announcement of the collab was made over on the official Japanese Pac-Man website, but details are currently on the slim side as to how it will unfold. "Fortnite, an online game marketed and distributed by Epic Games, and Pac-Man have decided to collaborate," reads the announcement (translations by VGC). "Pac-Man motif items will be available. The collaboration will begin on June 2."

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Oddly though, the official Fortnite Twitter account has made no mention of Pac-Man being featured in the game. Yesterday (May 22) was Pac-Man's birthday (we didn't get you anything, sorry), and the Fortnite Twitter did wish the circular man a happy birthday, prompting suspicion amongst fans. Obviously now a collab is in the works, though it doesn't seem like Pac-Man himself will be playable.

That makes sense, considering Pac-Man is a perfectly spherical, short king that probably wouldn't map well onto the regular, human bodies that are featured in the battle royale. We can probably expect some Pac-Man outfits and accessories, but Bandai Namco has promised more news soon. We're just over a week out from when the collab is meant to take place, so that news will probably come this week.

Pac-Man is the latest in the incredibly long line of IPs that have featured in the absolutely massive free-to-play shooter. Fortnite also recently added Blanka and Sakura from Street Fighter into the game, as well as featured a surprising Wu-Tang Clan crossover.

Epic Games also recently announced that Obi-Wan Kenobi is joining the game as a skin, very obviously in anticipation of the upcoming show of the same name on Disney+. Kenobi will be playable as a skin, but rather than a lightsabre players will instead get Obi-Wan's blade. As well as a Jedi Interceptor Glider.

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