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One Destiny player has built a robot to do all the grinding for him

Grinding in Destiny is not fun, unless you build a little robot to do it for you.


One player has said no to the grinding in Destiny by making a little robot do his bidding. The enterprising player in question goes by the name yavin427 on Reddit.

In the post above, Yavin427 explains exactly what he did. The small robot basically automates pressing the melee attack button over and over. This of course needs a perfect mission that keep throwing enemies at you. For that, Yavin chose an early Ocean of Storms level on the moon.

As the enemies keep coming, the bot will keep meleeing until the player dies. They will later respawn at the last checkpoint, rinse and repeat.

Here's a video of the meleeling bit.

Yavin later added shooting to the mix for better results, take a look.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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