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Notch: Psychonauts 2 won't happen for "a while"

Markus "Notch" Persson has said it will be a while before Tim Schafer will have the time to begin work on Psychonauts 2.

Speaking with Gamespy, Notch said he and Schafer met at GDC where the Double Fine man told him the studio had "a lot to do for a while."

Notch also added that if Double Fine wants to do the game and the "numbers are reasonable," he would love to do it providing there's a "return on the investment and stuff."

"I think Psychonauts 1 did surprisingly poorly in sales, which is bizarre," he said. "Sure, it's kinda niche, but it has huge personality and only one bad level: the meat circus. So I think there's definitely room for a Psychonauts 2 to sell well. Especially now, because you could treat as not necessarily a triple-A project.

"I mean, you can't make it too small scale, because it needs to top the first one."

It has been estimated that a full blown, proper sequel could cost around the $13 million mark.


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