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Notch: 'Minecraft mod used to threaten my vision' - Minecraft creator speaks

Minecraft creator, Markus "Notch" Persson took to Reddit last night to take part in an 'Ask me anything' Q&A session with fans, revealing the developers thoughts on the modding community and the prospect of future updates.

Notch was asked what he thought of the Minecraft Coder Pack mod, a toolkit that essentially lets players de-construct Notch's game and shape it with their own code and mods.

The Minecraft creator replied, "Personally, I used to feel threatened by it as I felt it challenged my “vision,” but on the other hand, I also know how wonderful mods are for games. We decided to just let it happen, and I’m very happy we did. Mods are a huge reason of what Minecraft is."

But Notch is no longer fearful of others cashing in on Minecraft's success, or using the game for their own projects. In fact, he's completely behind this community.

"It all kind of emerged organically", Notch explained, "There’s probably a lot more we could do to support it more, so we’ll probably look more into that in the future. We’ve recently started partnering up with cool iOS apps by giving them more exposure and letting them brand themselves “official” in exchange for bags of money."

VentureBeat has the full Notch Q&A compiled here.

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