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No, Silent Hills demo PT is not being removed from your PS4 automatically

Reports that the demo of Silent Hills is being automatically removed from PS4 consoles are false.


A spokesperson for Konami has told VG247 that PT, the Playable Teaser for the cancelled Silent Hill reboot, is not being removed from PS4 owners' consoles despite reports in the press and social media.

Konami said that some users may have accidently deleted the demo - which is no longer available on PSN - but there is no system in place that allows Konami or Sony to automatically delete content on a home console.

The publisher has come under fire from fans this year for cancelling the planned Silent Hills game, which was to be developed under the supervision of Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and horror movie director Guillermo del Toro.

After the cancellation and the subsequent removal of the demo from PSN came the petitions to support the game, and inevitably, the eBay opportunists.

But if you still have that precious demo on your PS4? You're safe to boot it up, replay it and dream about what could have been.

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