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Sorry, but you actually can't play PT on PS5 after all

PS5 owners will not be able to play Silent Hills teaser PT on their new consoles.

As reported by Polygon, the cult horror hit is no longer transferrable between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, nor is it playable via backwards compatibility. Initially, it was possible to move PT to the PS5 and play it, but that functionality seems to have been removed at some point.

This gave fans hope that Konami's horror teaser could live on after it emerged that the game was – to the surprise of no-one – unavailable to download from the PlayStation Store. In fact, PT was pulled from Sony's online storefront back in 2015.

PT was announced at Gamescom 2014 by Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and was downloaded more than one million times within its first few weeks in the wild. This was actually a playable teaser – Mr Kojima is very smart, don't you know? – for a new entry in the Silent Hill franchise, dubbed Silent Hills.

The title was set to start Norman Reedus – who would go on to collaborate with Kojima in 2019's Death Stranding – and was co-created by film director Guillermo del Toro.

The project fell apart, however, after Kojima had a rather public falling out with Konami. Silent Hills was officially cancelled in April 2015, with the Japanese publishing removing the game from PlayStation Network. Del Toro described this as a "scorched earth" approach from Konami.

Around this time, there were reports that PT was being removed from PlayStation 4 consoles but these turned out to be false. The game has since become highly sought-after, with PS4s with the demo installed having sold for pretty huge prices on platforms like eBay.

There are rumours doing the rounds that a soft reboot of the Silent Hill series and a revival of Silent Hills are in the works, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

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