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Nintendo Hits YouTubers Who Spread Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Leaks With Copyright Strikes

The hammer is coming down.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leaked online two weeks ahead of launch and those involved in the leaks are facing the consequences. Two YouTube channels responsible for spreading the leaked Super Smash Bros. Ultimate soundtrack were hit by multiple copyright strikes, resulting in their termination.

YouTube channels Dysifyzer and Crunchii, which were involved in sharing many of the leaked tracks from the upcoming Smash Bros. Ultimate soundtrack announced that their channels were hit by several copyright strikes by Nintendo. YouTube has a three-strike policy which leads to the termination of all associated accounts and channels for any YouTuber who is hit with three copyright strikes.

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"Well, guess it was a nice run for a few years. My channel will be gone next week. Sorry everyone," Crunchii wrote on Twitter. Their YouTube channel was apparently hit with 21 Copyright Strikes and counting, and they say access to their channel has been revoked.

Dystifyzer is another major YouTube channel posting Smash Bros. Ultimate music tracks and also announced on Twitter their Copyright Strikes. "I have also been copyright striked and the Dystifyzer YouTube channel will be deleted in [seven] days. I knew the risks when uploading a soundtrack [two] weeks early, but I didn't want to be left behind other uploaders."

They said that if Nintendo didn't intervene and other YouTube channels were able to keep leaked soundtracks up for two weeks while Dystifyzer waited until launch it "would have been a death sentence" for them. A revealing statement about the competitiveness in YouTube culture.

Over the weekend Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leaked in-full online and ROMs of the full game as well as video clips of spoilers have been pouring online since. The source of the leaks is unknown, but this is a major breach in Nintendo's security. The last time a Nintendo game leaked Nintendo reportedly cracked down on outgoing review copies. It's unclear what the consequences for the latest, much larger breach will have on how Nintendo releases its games going forward.

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