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Next week's Destiny update will nerf shotguns and subclasses

Here are the weapon and subclass changes coming to Destiny next week.

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Bungie's Destiny sandbox livestream has just wrapped up and Alex is on hand to give us the highlights.

First up is the news that the shotgun is getting nerfed. Magnetism and aim assist when firing from the hip has been thrown out, so you'll need to aim down the sights to benefit from them. Speaking of whch, Rangefinder will now take 25% longer to aim down sights.

In-air accuracy has been greatly reduced, while precision damage has been removed on all shotguns with the exception of Chaperone and Universal Remote where precision damage is a feature.

But don't fret about the tweaks too much as shotguns will get a damage boost in PvE.

Pulse rifles, auto rifles, and hand cannons have had their fair share of changes, with the accuracy of hand cannons going "back to Year 1 level."

Moving over to subclasses, the Hunter's Hungering Blade has been nerfed, with shields no longer getting an instant regen, but health regain has been bumped up considerably.

The Warlock has had Stormcaller's melee range reduced to match other Warlock melee attacks, and the Titan's Juggernaut, which can no longer be activated in the air, has had its duration reduced.

Hotfix 2502 drops on Tuesday February 14.

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