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New Mafia 3 trailer shows off Lincoln's tactical skills

Mafia 3 really brings the "war" element to its one-man mob war.

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New Mafia 3 trailer shows off Lincoln's tactical skills

The Mafia series has always walked a fine line between presenting a believable narrative and letting players get into ridiculous gunfights. According to the latest Mafia 3 trailer however, protagonist Lincoln Clay has a good excuse for the latter - his experience in Vietnam gave him a tactical edge the mob isn't quite ready for.

The video, narrated by game director Haden Blackman, explains how the Mafia 3 team explores this background using gameplay. A good example is "stalking", Mafia 3's stealth system which allows Lincoln to sneak into enemy territory and attack when the time is right. Lincoln also has a huge variety of weapons at his disposal, each with their own unique advantages. Eventually, Lincoln can equip flak vests, grenades, and other military equipment mobsters won't carry - although eventually, their gear will start to catch up with you.

Mafia 3 launches for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 7, 2016.

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