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Mafia 2: Definitive Edition goes up early on Australian PS Store, first gameplay leaks

It looks like pretty much all of today's Mafia reveals have leaked.

2K Games surprised everyone last week with a teaser trailer for Mafia: Trilogy, a collection of all three Mafia games.

The full reveal is supposed to take place later today, with the promise of more details than that brief teaser could provide. However, since the moment it was made public, pretty much all of the surprises have been spoiled. For starters, we now know that the Mafia: Definitive Edition is a full-on remake, with modern visuals and presumably updates to gameplay.

Earlier this week, the two other games included in this collection also leaked. It turns out, both Mafia 2: Definitive Edition and Mafia 3: Definitive Edition are launching today. Listings for both games went up on the Australian PlayStation Store, but the one for Mafia 2 has since been removed.

According to the Mafia 3: Definitive Edition PS Store listing, the game doesn't feature any enhancements not found in the original. It just includes all DLC, or rather, a token to download all add-ons for free.

Indeed, the leaked Mafia 3: Definitive Edition trailer is just an old Mafia 3 trailer with a new logo.

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The Australian store has it for AUD$69.95, which is an increase from its previous price of AUD$49.95, but that could just be a way to deter buyers from pulling the trigger before the official announcement has been made. AUD$49.95 roughly translates to $30, which is the more likely price.

That was also the price of Mafia 2: Definitive Edition, when its store page was live. In fact, that page was up long enough that some actually managed to buy and download it. Judging by gameplay, like the video you see above, Mafia 2: DE is not much of a remaster. Though it does look better than the original console version, it's more comparable to a cranked up PC version than a full-on remake.

In any case, the full collection appears to be priced AUD$99.95, so $60, which means you're getting a deal over buying each game individually. As for Mafia: Definitive Edition's release date, that remains a mystery, so the original leak pegged it for August.

We'll find out for sure today at 9am PT, 12pm ET, 5pm BST.

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