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Naughty Dog: Quality bar for future Uncharted titles "really high"

Following Uncharted 3's release in Europe today and in the US yesterday, developer Naughty Dog has said future titles will have to live up to a "really high" quality standard.

Speaking to IGN, lead effects artist Keith Guerrette said success has made the studio "a little bit reluctant, actually, if we do sit back and decide to continue with the Uncharted world, because we don't want to ruin" the series.

"At this point, because we took off sprinting the moment we finished Uncharted 2 onto Uncharted 3, the studio's giving us some time to relax and take a breather, so everyone's off on vacation now," he said.

"When we do go back we're gonna have to sit down and talk and figure out what it is we want to spend time on and that's part of the freedom Sony gives us. I mean, we've shipped 11 games now and we've never missed a single deadline, which I don't think that there's any other development studio in the world that can say that."

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is out now on PS3. Go buy it.

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