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MW3 best Renetti loadout

Here’s the best loadout for your Renetti in MW3.

Simon 'Ghost' Riley is shown in MW3
Image credit: Activision
Update: Our best MW3 Renetti loadout was updated with new and alternative attachments to be up to date with changes made to MW3 since its launch. We've also added an additional loadout suggestion to this guide for those who don't want to run a Conversion Kit.

As you soar through Modern Warfare 3’s campaign and put yourself to the test in its multiplayer mode, you’ll find a huge arsenal of weapons to choose from. Some of these weapons have already established themselves within the meta as the best guns to be using, and this includes handguns, namely the Renetti.

Our best MW3 Renetti loadout uses a Conversion Kit to make it feel more like a small SMG than it does a pistol, so you’ll be able to hold your own during intense fights were switching between weapons is quicker than reloading. Here’s the best MW3 Renetti loadout, including all the attachments, gear, and equipment you could possibly need.

MW3 best Renetti loadout: best attachments

The best secondary weapon you can equip in MW3 is the Renetti. That said, the COR-45 is also a viable option. This particular loadout is partially thanks to YouTuber, Hero.

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor XS
  • Stock: Ravage-8 Stock
  • Magazine: 50 Round Drum
  • Rear Grip: Bruen Onslaught Assault Grip
  • Conversion Kit: Jak Ferocity Carbine Kit

The Renetti is the go-to pistol in MW3, with upgrades that’ll make it feel a lot more powerful. For example, using the Jak Ferocity Carbine Conversion Kit will make the pistol become fully automatic, which makes it feel more like an SMG. This will overall put you in a better position when having to use your handgun against enemies.

A loadout for the Renetti pistol in MW3
Image credit: Activision/VG247

The Monolithic Suppressor XS as our muzzle will help our recoil control and keep us hidden on the enemy players’ maps. This means you can play a little more sneakily with it, and use it at longer ranges (when needed), at a small detriment to our ADS speed and aim walking speed.

The Ravage-8 Stock will improve your recoil control and gun kick control. The stock will, however, reduce sprint speed, movement speed, and ADS speed, which isn’t perfect, but nothing we can't handle with the Renetti. Pair this with the Bruen Onslaught Assault Grip, which allows for further firing aim stability, gun kick control, and recoil control, and you'll have an aggressive secondary that's easy enough to keep on target.

Adding a 50 Round Drum will also increase your magazine capacity without providing too much of a detriment to your reload speed, letting you combat MW3's new increased TTK.

If you think that you'll be using the Renetti during long range gunfights, you can opt to swap one of your attachments for an optic to make hitting those targets a little easier. This isn't necessary, though, and those stats are probably better placed elsewhere as we ideally do not want to rely on the Renetti at long range.

Alternative MW3 Renetti loadout

If you'd rather not run the Jak Ferocity Carbine Kit and keep your Renetti feeling more like a pistol, YouTuber Paradox suggests a specific loadout that will give you a powerful two-shot Renetti.

  • Trigger Action: Bruen Express
  • Magazine: 50 Round Drum
  • Ammunition: 9MM High Grain Rounds
  • Muzzle: Sonic Suppressor XS
  • Barrel: MK2 Renetti Long Barrel

The Bruen Express as a trigger action will increase our fire rate dramatically. But with an increased fire rate, there's increased usage of ammunition, so you'll want to also attach a 50 Round Drum as your Renetti's magazine. This will reduce how quickly you can reload and some of your mobility, but it won't matter too much overall.

In addition, you'll also want to add the 9MM High Grain Rounds as your Renetti's ammunition. These will help with MW3's increased TTK by providing you with a little extra damage and range so that your Renetti can easily kill a target when needed.

For the muzzle of the Renetti, Paradox recommends the Sonic Suppressor XS. This muzzle will further increase our damage and range at a small detriment to our recoil control and handling, which again, won't matter so much with this sidearm.

Last but not least, Paradox advised that players equip the MK2 Renetti Long Barrel as the weapon's barrel. This will, again, improve our bullet velocity and range so that the Renetti can pack a real punch. That said, this will impact our mobility further, so we really want to make sure we're only using the Renetti when it is necessary, and preferably while up close and personal with our enemies.

MW3 best Renetti perks and equipment

Now that our Renetti loadout is established and we’ve got a powerful handgun to play around with, it’s time to run through what equipment compliments the weapon.

The following setup will primarily help with your use of the Renetti. If you’re pairing the handgun with a weapon such as the Longbow, Striker, and don't plan on using the Renetti unless you really need to, you may want to adjust your gear and equipment to support that.

  • Vest: Engineer Vest - counters equipment and explosives expertise by letting you see equipment through walls, and letting the team see it when you’re ADS. Includes four gear slots and three equipment slots.
  • Gloves: Quick-Grip Gloves - increases weapon swap speed. Scavenger Gloves, which let you resupply ammo and throwing knives from dead enemy players, could also be used.
  • Boots: Lightweight Boots - increases movement and swim speed, so we can be fast.
  • Gear: EOD Padding - reduces damage taken from non-killstreak explosives and fire, increasing our survivability.
  • Gear 2: Bone Conduction Headset - reduces combat noise, so you can hear enemy footsteps and gunfire more clearly.
  • Tacticals: Flash Grenade - a versatile grenade that blinds and deafens targets so you can go in for the kill or delay.
  • Field Upgrades: Munitions Box - you can never go wrong with more ammo, especially for the Renetti.

How to unlock the Renetti in MW3

The Renetti is unlocked in MW3 when players reach Level 21. The Jak Ferocity Carbine Conversion Kit requires you to complete an Armory Unlock challenge, however.

For more on MW3, take a look at our best MW3 MCW loadout, and our best MW3 Longbow loadout.

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